Morning Mindbender Questions And Answers 6-6 to 6-10

Donut Central Morning Mindbender questions and answers:


Q: About 60% of us say we’d be comfortable doing this with a neighbor

A: Babysitting their kids and having them babysit our kids


Q: 20 years ago we did this 5 times a day. Today we do it (maybe) twice a day

A: Actually talk on our cell phone


Q: The US has 6 of these. The rest of the world has 32

A: Time zones


Q: In the 1970’s the average American ate 8 pounds of these a year. Today, we only eat a pound and a half a year. What is it?

A: Grapefruit


Q: Almost 75% of women wish their significant other did this more often

A: Held their hand