Mason:  Monday – Friday 7:00pm to Midnight

Born and raised in Wisconsin, Mason knew from a young age that his future would involve music, entertainment or technology. He was the definition of “class clown”, often telling jokes, talking too much and finding himself in detention. Family, teachers and peers always pushed Mason to be a stand-up comedian, singer or some kind of performer. Radio was the perfect fit.

Mason’s life changed when he moved to Massachusetts in January 2020 to advance his career in radio. The coronavirus pandemic was just beginning to shut down much of the world and left Mason stranded at his new home, without friends or family. Only focused on succeeding and doing what he loves, Mason teamed up with his friend and longtime idol, John Garabedian, who taught Mason everything he knew and loved about the radio business, to create Liveline.

Liveline is 100% LIVE every weeknight from Mason’s home studio, often with a cheering crowd. All-request, people calling in from everywhere, superstar interviews, countdowns, nightly questions, exclusive mixes and stuff you can’t hear anywhere else! Plus, your chance to WIN with crazy contests like “Who Sings It?”, “Secret Sound” and the “Musical Medley”. The last hour of every show features Liveline Rewind, playing the hottest throwbacks followed by our Big 3 Countdown of the night’s most-requested songs. We can’t do any of this without your participation!

Call or text your shoutouts, dedications and requests at 85-LIVELINE.