Mobile Apps

Download our Mobile App and Alexa Skill!

With our updated WIN 104.9 mobile apps for iPhone and Android, you can take us with you, wherever you go! And now, you can listen to us on your Alexa device. You’ll hear Brad Jackson and your Favorite Hit Music all day long from your smartphone, tablet and Alexa devices. Plus, you’ll be able to stay up to date with the latest local news, weather forecasts and school closings.

And the best part… the apps and skills are absolutely free.

To install the WIN 104.9 app, just search for “WIN 104.9” on the App Store, or Google Play Store. Install the new app and open to listen to Your Favorite Hit Music WIN 104.9! In addition, you’ll see the latest news, Facebook, and Twitter posts. Check out the menu and discover all what WIN 104.9 has to offer.

For Alexa, search for WIN 104.9 under skills and enable the WIN 104.9 skill.  New to Alexa? Pick up an Amazon Alexa device and follow the instructions. You’ll soon be saying “Alexa, play win one oh four point nine!” It’s that easy to enjoy WIN 104.9 in your home.

Alexa, Simple to Set Up and Use!