Mental health coalition to hold first annual update April 30th

Bartholomew County’s Mental Health Matters Coalition will be updating the public later this month on its first year of efforts to improve the mental health network in the community. That includes a new program of mental health ambassadors.

The Coalition came together just over a year ago and involves partners ranging from local governments and mental health organizations to other non-profit groups and community organizations.

Cheryl Buffo with the Columbus Regional Health’s Healthy Communities initiative explains the April 30th update is meant to inform the public on the current state of the mental health care system, the barriers to receiving care and the level of the crisis.

Buffo said that there have been several efforts started in the first year to address the crisis. That includes a group of ambassadors from various corners of the community, who have been trained in mental health, mental health first aid and then enlisted to steer those in their smaller communities to mental health resources.

The network of ambassadors are also being tapped to evaluate new efforts to make sure they effectively reach those smaller community groups.

The Better Together Mental Health Initiative community update will be April 30th from 5:30 to 7 p.m. at The Commons. The event is free and you are invited to attend.