Columbus, Bartholomew County to see almost $3 million in road funds

Bartholomew County will receive $1 and a half million and Columbus more than $1.4 million in the next round of state road funding.

The grants under the Community Crossings Matching Grant Program were announced Wednesday. The funds support projects such as road and bridge preservation, road reconstruction, intersection improvements and other items.

Area legislators touted the announcement:

State Rep. Ryan Lauer, a Columbus Republican said, the “state grants are a great opportunity for communities of all sizes to tackle much-needed road repairs and build for the future.” Lauer is vice chair of the House Roads and Transportation Committee.

State Rep. Jennifer Meltzer of Shelbyville said the fund help “communities stretch local dollars further and move ahead on improvements faster than they could otherwise.”

State Rep. Jim Lucas of Seymour said that with prices of road maintenance increasing, the “state dollars are really coming at a critical time.”

Under the Community Crossings program, smaller communities must provide a 25 percent match in local funds, while larger communities provide a 50 percent match.

Across the state 252 communities will receive a share of $207 million through the program this round.