Wiz Khalifa Says Marriage Is A Weird Thing

Wiz Khalifa, who was married to Amber Rose for three years, said in a new interview that marriage is a weird thing. According to The Jasmine Brand, Wiz explained his perspective, saying, “Honestly, I can’t really say like marriage is a weird thing. Honestly, it’s so strange to just say alright I’m married to you like on a piece of paper and not really feel like I’m going to be with this person for the rest of my life.” 

He continued, “So when I find out that I’m going to be with someone for the rest of-the entire pieces of my life-I’m good-alright, that’s when we’ll talk about this ‘marriage thing’ but until then, I ain’t really trying to like— You can’t even have them conversations. You’ve gotta be friends first, you know what I’m saying? –You gotta become like best best friends.” 

  • Wiz then said, “When you start talking about marriage and sh*t like that too early, you’re skipping passed them stages. Like, you shouldn’t even think about that sh*t like you should just be trying to have the most fun, get in the stupidest arguments that you can like-you know what I mean? Like, you should really find out when you got each other’s back and when you don’t and then that should force- you know what I’m saying-some other feelings, but you gotta develop all that.”