Winning Cash Number Contest


Get ready to Win Cash!

Pay some bills, buy new clothes, or treat yourself to something special. No matter how you want to spend it, Win 104.9 wants you to Win Cash!

Beginning Thursday, May 3rd at approximately 7:35am, you’ll get chances to call in and guess our Winning Cash Number. It will always be between 1 and 104, and always worth at least $104.90.

If you guess the correct Winning Cash Number, you’ll win the jackpot! Otherwise, we’ll let you know if your guess was too high or too low. We’ll also let future participants know the next time we play the game… And add more cash to the jackpot!

Plus, everyone who plays will be entered to win a bonus $300 Visa gift card!

Good Luck! From:

Ashlynn Leigh Cakes
Fence Boss
German American Bank

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