Who Remembers 2008?

This morning, KJ and I jumped in the time machine and set the controls to… 2008! You know, the year of Apple Bottom Jeans!

Hold on… Let me cue of some Flo Rida…

Ah, my memories of 2008 include the BlackBerry phone. Wait, you can talk, text, AND SURF THE INTERNET?!? Yes Please!

I was a true BlackBerry addict. I was always on BBM (BlackBerry Messenger), and was constantly checking my Facebook and checking into places on FourSquare!

When was the last time you heard someone comment about FourSquare???

KJ was all about downloading ringtones on her phone in 2008. Not always legally!

We were inspired by a list from Buzzfeed called “37 Things That Were Really Cool In 2008.”

Check out their list HERE and let us know your fav memories!!!