Morning Mindbender Answers: 11-6 to 11-10

Snappy Tomato Pizza Morning Mindbender questions and answers:

Monday 11-6-17:

Q: 42% of people say, if you do this, their opinion of you drops drastically

A: Smell like smoke

Tuesday 11-7-17:

Q: Americans spend 2.5 hours a year in the car doing what?

A: Kissing!

Wednesday 11-8-17:

Q: 10% of us never do this, and 60% of us don’t do it at home.

A: Wash the car


Thursday 11-9-17:

Q: Only 18% of us do this at the grocery store

A: Return the cart inside the store

Friday 11-10-17:

Q: Almost half of us say we have no use for one of these in our home

A: Dining Room