Taylor Swift Pens Poem About ‘Letting Go’ In New Issue Of Vogue UK

Taylor Swift isn’t just Vogue UK’s latest cover girl, she’s also the January issue’s resident poet.

The singer penned a poem for the mag titled “The Trick to Holding On.” In it, she reflects on lessons she’s learned while growing up and how to let go of the negativity in your life.

“Let go of the ones who hurt you/Let go of the ones you outgrow/Let go of the words they hurl your way/as you’re walking out the door,” the poem begins.

Later on in the poem she writes, “Hold on to childlike whims and moonlight/swims and your blazing self-respect.”

Taylor concludes, “Flashback to all the times/Life nearly ran you off the road/But tonight your hand is steady/Suddenly you’ll know/The trick to holding on/Was all that letting go.”