Morning Mindbender Answers 8-31 to 9-4

Donut Central Morning Mindbender questions and answers:


Q: Over the past 6 months, the majority of us say we’re getting tired of doing this

A: We’re getting tired of cooking


Q: If your vehicle has this, there is a 90% chance you don’t use it

A: A cassette player! (By the way… 2010 was the last year cars were sold with tape players)


Q: If this happens to you, it’s most likely to be on a Sunday

A: Getting struck by lightning!?!


Q: 77% of us say we’ve had this happen to us, and it involves our shoes

A: We’ve stepped in gum!


Q: 41% of women say they know they’re getting older when they say this

A: I need more comfortable shoes!