Rose Acre Farms seeking more soybeans with partnership

Rose Acre Farms in Seymour is increasing its partnership with Benson Hill, a food tech company, to upgrade its soybean crushing capacity and to add more local farmers providing soybeans.

Benson Hill has contracts with growers for 30 thousand acres of premium soybeans in Indiana. The company sought out Rose Acre Farms to develop a processing facility here as a way to minimize costs and to reduce the carbon footprint through less transportation. Benson Hill uses high-protein soybeans for plant-based foods, healthy oils, animal feed and aquaculture markets.

Tony Wesner, COO of Rose Acre Farms, said that the partnership opens new market pathways for soybeans, which will increase local land and commodity prices over time.

Benson Hill and Rose Acre Farms are now actively enrolling interested growers for next year’s growing season.

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