New Bartholomew jail mail digital program starts on Monday

Bartholomew County Sheriff Matt Myers says that family and friends of jail inmates will see little change when a new jail mail program goes into effect Monday. For most, the only difference will be sending mail to a Texas address.

Mail to inmates in the Bartholomew County Jail will be going digital. The sheriff’s department announced in October that it is making the change, starting Dec. 6th. Inmates will have one month to contact their family and friends explaining the new system, then all mail will be sent digitally by January 3rd.

The jail is contracting with a company called Earth Class Mail to make the change. After Monday, physical mail must be sent to an address in San Antonio, Texas, where it will be scanned in and then sent electronically to the inmate.

The service will not scan books, magazines, catalogs, advertising mailers or junk mail. Those will be considered trash and will not be electronically shipped.

Myers said that is not a change because those items have not been accepted at the jail for several years. He said numerous reading materials are always made available to inmates.

Legal mail from attorneys will remain the same.

The new mail address:

Facility Name (Bartholomew County Jail)
Inmate Name – Inmate System ID Number
PO Box 1042 PMB #39193
San Antonio, TX 78294-1042
*NOTE: Do NOT place preceding zeros in the booking number.