KJ Monday – Friday 3 to 7pm

Hometown: Mooresville, IN

Kids: Yes! My son Brennan!

Pets: Yes! Two German shepherds named Kimbo and Rousey =)

Favorite Music: Some of my favorites include Katy Perry, Maroon 5, and Ed Sheeran!

Favorite Local Restaurant: The Cozy!

Favorite TV Shows: Everything from The Voice to Grey’s Anatomy… I like it all. Mitchell and I live off of Netflix!

Favorite Movie: I love a lot of movies but there are a few I could watch over and over again. The Breakfast Club, Pulp Fiction, The Hunger Games, Avengers (1 or 2) and Beauty and the Beast.

Favorite Concert: Foster the People! I saw them in Chicago with my best friend and just as we were leaving they OF COURSE came back out to play ONE MORE SONG. So we turned around and ran back into the sea of people as confetti guns went off. It was AWESOME-just like a movie!

People Would Be Shocked To Know: Idk if you would call any of this “shocking” but I collect vinyl (my first record was “Scarecrow” by John Cougar Mellencamp), I love to knit, and I love the St. Louis Cardinals and Indianapolis Colts!