Hope Heritage Days canceled for September

Hope Heritage Days will not be held this year. The organizers met last night and made the decision not to go forward with the annual festival in northeastern Bartholomew County, one of the largest events in the county.

Michael Dean, CEO of Heritage of Hope said that the organizers “delayed this inevitable decision for as long as we could, hoping and praying for COVID-19 conditions to improve.”

Dean said that the cancellation will be a major blows for Hope-area not-for-profits, many of which earn their entire annual budget at the food booths they operate in the Hope Town Square.

Dean said that many scenarios were considered to help minimize the loss of income for the not-for-profits, however each option brought health risks that could not be managed.

Heritage of Hope will not be out a lot of money after the cancellation, as many of the annual expenses have not yet been paid. However, Dean said that some operating costs, such as insurance, still must be paid despite the cancellation.