First wave of mail-in ballots to go out today in Bartholomew County

The first wave of mail-in ballots will be going out today to the 4,000 Bartholomew County voters who have requested them.

Bartholomew County Clerk Jay Phelps explains:

Phelps explains that the absentee voting board has convened early so that the ballots are ready to go out today. He said the voter registration office has also been working closely with the local post office to make sure that everything should run smoothly.

Your mail-in ballot will arrive in a thick manila envelope with an orange signature box on the front. In addition to instructions, it will contain a scantron sheet that must be marked with your voting choices by filling in the appropriate bubbles on the sheet. There will also be a note explaining that if you vote straight-party ticket, your vote will not be tallied for the at-large or school board races. To vote in those races you must directly choose your candidates, Phelps said.

Perhaps most importantly is the signature spot on the front of the envelope. Phelps said without signing that, your vote will not be counted on election day.

Phelps said that the deadline to request an application to vote by mail is October 22nd and you can do that either through the Bartholomew County voter registration office or online through The ballot has to be back in the voter registration office by noon on Election Day, whether you mail it back in or drop it off in person at the office in the courthouse, Phelps said.

The deadline to register to vote in the November election, is coming up on Oct. 5th.