Christmas Leftovers.

By the Fireside by the Turtle Island String Quartet is a favorite “holiday” album for me, but what’s ultimately surprising about it is a couple of things:

1) It’s one of the few holiday albums I can play full-length and enjoy in its entirety.

And, the reason you’re reading about this now,

2) It’s more of an overall “winter” album instead of being geared to a specific holiday, which means that, barring a couple of tracks, you can listen to it for months, and it holds up well. In part, it’s due to the musical style: a classically trained and structured string quartet, playing in more of a jazz idiom, with a pop/rock sensibility.

Take a listen to one of the songs here. Headphones or a good sound system a plus, as you’ll notice – especially with the latter – the percussion instruments seem to “hover” in the mix.

– Todd Berryman
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