Cee Lo Green Working On New Gnarls Barkley Project

During a recent sit down with HipHopDX.com, rapper and crooner Cee Lo Green, who is currently working on a new Gnarls Barkley project, finally explained the mysterious video clip that turned up online in 2016. In the clip, Green is sitting in front of a studio console when his cellphone appears to explode. The rapper explained that it was actually a shtick that he’d put together for a vanity project and that he was in character as Gnarly Davidson in the clip.

  • The Goodie Mob veteran explained, “It’s an interesting story . . . The character was Gnarly Davidson, which was a play off of Harley Davidson, which was an extension off Gnarls Barkley. While me and Danger Mouse were discussing availabilities to start work on the new Gnarls Barkley album, which we’re doing now, I decided to amuse myself with a vignette project, a vanity project as they call it.”
  • The rapper added, “I said, ‘Well a play off of Harley Davidson with Gnarly Davidson just means I’m just going to ride alone on this one. How can I distinguish it? . . . I figure, alright how do people reinvent themselves? I put in the context of superhero . . .  something traumatic happens and all of a sudden you get the power. So, we took real life events, with the Samsung situation . . . . we took those events that were going on. Those were current events at the time.”
  • Green continued, “Initially, I was going to try to get a liquor sponsor and say, ‘Yo, Puff man, let me get a bottle of Ciroc.’ I’m going to sit it on the soundboard and tip it over, the s**t going to blow up and I’m going to be Gnarly Davidson.”
  • Cee Lo didn’t end up getting the liquor sponsor and when the clip went viral, people were genuinely concerned which caused the rapper to pause.
  • Green did get a really cool call following the clip going viral. He said, “Marvel Comics reached out to me . . . They were interested in making Gnarly Davidson an authentic Marvel Comic character. It would have been historic.”