Camila Cabello Releases Tracklist For ?Romance?

Camila Cabello has unveiled the tracklist for her new album Romance, due out December 6th.

Romance features previously 14 tracks, including the released songs “Shameless,” “Living Proof” “Easy,” “Liar,” “Señorita” and “Cry for Me.”

Besides Shawn Mendes, the only other featured artist on the album is rapper Da Baby, on a song called “My Oh My.”

“Welcome to the world of Romance,” Camila captioned the video that revealed the songs. On Instagram, she wrote, “With this album, the art was life itself. And I was just a painter trying to paint it as closely as possible to what I was seeing. This album feels so close to me that I get actual chest pains and knots in my stomach listening to some of these songs. This was a huge chapter in my life: this album, these songs.”

Camila will perform on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon on December 5th and The Ellen DeGeneres Show on Friday. The tracklist for “Romance”:

  1. “Shameless”
  2. “Living Proof”
  3. “Should’ve Said It”
  4. “My Oh My” feat. DaBaby
  5. “Señorita” feat. Shawn Mendes
  6. “Liar”
  7. “Bad Kind of Butterflies”
  8. “Easy”
  9. “Feel It Twice”
  10. “Dream of You”
  11. “Cry for Me”
  12. “This Love”
  13. “Used to This”
  14. “First Man”