Bartholomew County seeks to add two COVID-19 testing sites

The Bartholomew County Health Department will be seeking to join a state program providing for testing for COVID-19.

Amanda Organist, the nursing supervisor for the county, said that the state initially did not want county health departments to provide the testing itself, instead preferring the counties concentrate on tracking cases.

However, the state is stepping back on its testing locations and is now offering a program where the county could operate one or two testing sites, with the state providing the materials, protective gear and testing costs, along with $100,000 for staffing and other expenses.

Organist told the Bartholomew County Commissioners Monday that if approved the county would operate one testing site and would seek to contract out another testing location. The second site has not been determined, but several locations are under consideration, she said.

Commissioners approved the health department applying to join the program.