Sure, you could do the instant powdered hot chocolate thing, and it’ll be…alright, not earth-shattering.

My grandma Nellie, on the other hand, was the kind of thrifty and brilliant woman who would take the leftover candy bars after Halloween – the ones that weren’t given away, because they lived in the country and didn’t have that many trick-or-treaters – and would turn them into hot chocolate for cold winter weekends. I’ve learned over the years to repurpose the same trick quite well. (Another is to take the candy bars that weren’t just chocolate, that had caramel and nuts and the like, and use them to make coffee cake…truly transcendent stuff, and a trick I learned from, surprisingly, On the Road author Jack Kerouac.)

Well, our friends at Buzzfeed have gotten even trickier with their hot chocolate. Maybe an astonishingly rich Spanish version, or one made with salted caramel, or versions with red wine or black cherry bourbon…I think yes.

To borrow from the author Richard Bach, most people just drink hot chocolate, but this, you can befriend – and there are 19 different ways to do it. Read more here.

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