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An Oldie But Goodie, About a Swell Map. 🙂

This is the story of a man who spent a couple of years – 6000 hours, roughly – creating the perfect map of our country. I include it in part because the example and comparison to another map from National Geographic includes an image of little ol’ us. 🙂 Read the remarkable story about it right here. – Todd Berryman Middays on WIN 104.9 


In Which Todd Tells the Epic Tale of Battling Cold and Flu Season. And Loses.

A memory from this time last year. I found it serviceably amusing enough to share, for those of you enduring a cold, or about to be: Wrestling with the mother of all colds, one of those where you actually injure yourself in a coughing fit, and then you don’t really want to cough, or sneeze, or make any sudden moves. Also, I’m, at the moment, a radio guy with no voice. The resulting visit to the doctor yesterday ended up with a couple of prescriptions, including cough syrup that some might call “the good stuff,” so I can get some sleep. Well. My dreaming, which has always been at least interesting, has now taken a hard right turn into the outright weird. I’m usually pretty good about waking up when something turns odd in my dreams, but tonight it’s been generally a combination – mostly – of “why bother?” and “well, let’s chase this for another minute or so…” First up: the Harry Potter series gets republished, but in the…


Dimensions: 29 x 36 Inches. Oil on Canvas, with the Occasional Bug.

Why, hello there, Jiminy! Fancy meeting you here! It’s interesting to see how our understanding of art, and its creators, change with more information. We’ve heard for years that Vincent Van Gogh – he of the sunflowers and the sliced ear – did much of his painting outdoors, but to get such real evidence of that ritual is amazing. The evidence turned up when a Kansas City conservator happened to examine a painting of olive trees, and discovered…a grasshopper. Which led to another mystery: evidently the bug didn’t fly onto the canvas while it was being created, as part of it was missing. If it HAD been alive and whole, there would’ve been signs of movement as it tried to get out of the paint. So did Van Gogh place the grasshopper in the painting, or did it fall into the canvas from a tree, or what? It should be pointed out that the bug isn’t easily visible without intense observation, not something seen at a glance, which might indicate that…


Thinking About the Holidays Yet? This Might Be the Week to Start…

‘Tis almost the season! Today is the start of Dear Santa Letter Week, and what better way to celebrate than to help your child compose a letter to Saint Nick. Some websites have letter templates you can print off, to get the job done…find out more about Dear Santa Letter Week here. – Todd Berryman Middays on WIN 104.9 I Want a Desk and a Typewriter…Oh! And If You Could Include a Baby Sister, That’d Be Awesome


Mourn Not the Good Old Days, Because They’re Kind of New Again.

The pleasures of vinyl are something special, and it’s little wonder that Your Humble Narrator never gave up on the format. Even when it started to become problematic getting replacement parts for a turntable, ways were discovered to keep my groove – literally and figuratively – going. And now, we mercifully reside in an era when vinyl is storming back into favor, because people are starting to discover all the joyful aspects of it: cover art that acts as ART, and that you can actually SEE. Liner notes that are legible. And that “warmth” thing with the sound that all your record geek friends were gassing on about? Ends up it was true, and it had a little science behind it. Of course there were other less convenient aspects that were part of the experience, but it was all part of the love affair. Read more about it right here. – Todd Berryman Middays on WIN 104.9 Busting Out Side 1 of Tortoise’s Standards album, Because He CAN