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When Alphabetizing…Doesn’t Seem Like Such a Hot Idea.

(image credit: screengrab from This is what happens when some evil genius takes a beloved and familiar movie and turns it into sheer chaos. Matt Bucy, with a lot of patience, re-edited The Wizard of Oz so that all the words are in alphabetical order. During sections where the same word appears several times (like “the”), you can almost follow the hyper-compressed version of the plot. Take a look, and have a chuckle, here. – Berryman Todd Middays on WIN 104.9  


Manchester. A Fine Moment Against All the Tragedy

Image credit: video screengrab/BBC With all the tragic aspects of a couple weeks ago, and then the amazing triumph of the benefit concert in Manchester this past weekend, there’s also the amazing triumph of humanity at large. Like in this video. 🙂 – Todd Berryman Middays on WIN 104.9


JCB Neighborfest series for 2017 starts TONIGHT!

The first Thursdays of each of the summer months always promise to be good, with the by-now annual tradition of concerts in front of the Commons. Tonight is the beginning of the JCB Neighborfest, with My Yellow Rickshaw as the opener this time around. Show starts at 5:30 tonight…and you can find more right here. – Todd Berryman Middays on WIN 104.9 Will There Be Boogieing? YOU MIGHT WANT TO COUNT ON IT.


2016. We’ve Lost a Lot of People…

…but also institutions. I had the blessing of visiting New York City a few years back, a trip I would make again in a heartbeat. Checked out a few museums, saw the 9/11 Memorial and the Statue of Liberty, basically did everything except attend a show – which, in my case, was no big loss. 🙂 Much like my experience in the French Quarter of New Orleans, I decided pretty quickly that it wasn’t really possible to find a bad restaurant in NYC. And, since I was there for a few days, it seemed essential to go check out some authentic old-school Jewish deli. Sure, you may have had pastrami in your life, but if you ever go to New York and don’t take advantage of the opportunity to have it the way it should be experienced, I feel bad for you. I’m glad to say the Carnegie Deli was one of the places that I got the chance to try, and it was outstanding. They brought me a sandwich…


Almost All Your Thanksgiving Needs, Right Here. 🙂

– photo credit: D. Sharon Pruitt, from Wikimedia – So, to make your Thanksgiving joys/horrors pass a little bit easier, we thought we’d put all this in one place, so you don’t have to search around a whole lot. 🙂 For starters, some elaborate cooking help here, with good ideas and things to avoid overall. Take this example: if you’ve already got mashed potatoes, why would you also mash your sweet potatoes? The textures are all the difference. Or: have at least one relatively fat- or butter-free green vegetable as a palate cleanser. More here. And for turkey-specific advice, this old reliable standby. Maybe you just need to know which stores are open during the Thanksgiving holiday and Black Friday, and more specifically, WHEN. Here you go. Or maybe, you’re just done thinking about all of the above, and need some comic relief, like this unusual cooking prep method. Or some music for the holiday, like this longtime favorite. Or this more recent one. Or this bittersweet but funny song,…