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If a Famous Author Wrote a Pop Song.

Say, maybe an author known for his book about the green hills of a particular continent. That book predates the song lyrics this references by almost five decades, but this little piece makes you think, well, maybe he COULD have done this… Take a look, and then go take a listen to the actual song. – Todd Berryman Middays on WIN 104.9 No Joke Here, for Once. Lucky, Lucky YOU.


Keep Your John Travolta. I’ll Take THIS Guy.

image credit: screenshot from YouTube Someone brought this video to my attention recently, and MAN was it worth it. In a nutshell, Fred Rawicz was attending a Scottish music festival a while back, heard a favorite song and hit the moment like he’d been waiting all his life for it. Watch the video, seriously. It’s a kick and a half.


A Movie Todd is Enthusiastically Looking Forward to Seeing…

image credit: screen capture from This is the movie that was being made a few months ago in Columbus. And, no lie, I was completely moved to tears by seeing locations I’ve known for YEARS represented in this trailer – for example, the gravel-covered alley that one main character was down, in this clip? That’s the way I used to go to get to trivia, from my old apartment. If you’ve grown up in Columbus, or just love the town, you’ll find a lot of pleasure hiding in these two minutes. Take a look, and remember that the movie will go into wide release in August 2017. – Todd Berryman Middays on WIN 104.9 Can’t Decide Whether to Invest in Puffs or Kleenex Stock  


Under the Heading of “Todd Had a Boxer That Did This with Coldplay…”

image: screen capture from We present to you the rescue dog named Honey, who apparently decides to holler along to an old Michael Jackson favorite. Check out the video here. – Todd Berryman Middays on WIN 104.9 By the Way, in Todd’s Case, the Song Was “Lost!”


When Alphabetizing…Doesn’t Seem Like Such a Hot Idea.

(image credit: screengrab from This is what happens when some evil genius takes a beloved and familiar movie and turns it into sheer chaos. Matt Bucy, with a lot of patience, re-edited The Wizard of Oz so that all the words are in alphabetical order. During sections where the same word appears several times (like “the”), you can almost follow the hyper-compressed version of the plot. Take a look, and have a chuckle, here. – Berryman Todd Middays on WIN 104.9