Today I woke up late…obviously not off to a great start…and then I rush to find clothes. I find a shirt and a pair of jeans. As I pull my jeans up I realize they don’t fit!

Being pregnant I knew this day would come but I didn’t want it to come today! So I sit down on the bed a little upset and I hear my husband start to rush me…because again we’re late…and all I want to do is sit there and morn the fact that I no longer fit into my jeans. So I jump and wiggle into these jeans, throw my belly band on…FOR THE FIRST TIME…and manage to make it to work on time.

Here are a few things from a list put together by Lauren Conrad and published on her blog. I’ve also added to the it.

  1. Don’t say we need to leave while she’s morning the loss of her clothes
  2. Refrain from commenting on the size of someone’s bump ^^^ They could be mourning the loss of their pants
  3. Don’t touch the belly without asking!
  4. I ate the last piece of ______.
  5. And make sure someone is pregnant before asking them when they’re due! 🙂