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Early warning that you will probably want to grab some tissues for this. And for any of you reading who may be down on yourselves, for whatever reason, THIS.

The woman speaking in the attached video is Rachel Farnsworth, also known as the Stay at Home Chef. Her website is here.

Woman's response to this hate comment is so powerful

Everyone needs to hear this 🙌🏽Credit: The Stay At Home Chef

Posted by Viral Thread on Thursday, August 3, 2017

As for the video, it’s her response to someone who decided to be catty to her online, about her and her appearance. Rachel’s reply is one of the most amazing things I’ve witnessed. And it’s also heartbreaking.

I admit that I might be identifying with this a bit too much, for my own unnamed reasons, during different times of my life…but I get it. The big lesson here, at least how I interpret it, is YOU BE YOU. I don’t care what your bugaboo is – or whoever gave it to you. They’re ALL WRONG.

Know that you are a creature of light, you are invincible and eternal and also perfect exactly the way you are. You, READING THIS RIGHT NOW: you are a hero.

This woman is a good role model, and is a great example of someone fighting her way back from some really bad stuff. Watch the video and take the story to heart.

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