And BOY, do I mean subject. (When I tried the Greektown Gyro chips a while back, a friend of mine described them as tasting like “drainage” – as in what you deal with during cold season. The assessment wasn’t inaccurate. I’m still scarred.)

My guess was that Everything Bagel with Cream Cheese would be pretty amazing, that Fried Green Tomato would have some potential, and that Crispy Taco would be no more rare or wonderful than your average Dorito. A couple of my trivia pals from Wednesdays brought in bags for us to try during the game last night. (Hi, Emily and Ethan!)

Well, well, well: my expectations were almost exactly reversed, as the Bagel one had this odd aftertaste and seemed to emphasize the seasonings less. The Fried Green Tomato just kinda laid there on my tongue, not really insisting on being present or interesting. As for the Crispy Taco, though…wow, now THAT was surprising, tasting more authentically like what it was named than the other two. (One pal, my trivia teammate Rich, noted that he could actually taste lettuce flavoring in the chips, a pretty impressive feat on the part of Lay’s.)

It’s understood YOUR opinion may differ on these, and you might find you enjoy the other two more. But for me, the Crispy Taco was a surprisingly good winner. Now I wait to see what wack-a-loon flavors will come up in a year. 🙂

– Todd Berryman
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