Bartholomew County officials say they are willing to contribute to the construction of an overpass to take vehicle traffic over the railroad at State Road 11 and Jonathan Moore Pike. The city of Columbus is responsible for coming up with half of the $30 million price-tag. Carl Lienhoop, county commissioner president, told the county council Monday night that he met with Mayor Jim Lienhoop to talk about the plan.

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Between the city’s TIF District and Cummins’ TIF District, $9.5 million is expected to be accounted for. County officials indicate that they’re willing to contribute two-million dollars, but Councilman Jorge Morales is concerned that Columbus won’t be shouldering enough of the burden.

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Noting Cummins’ willingness to contribute to the project, along with the company’s recent announcement of spending $50 million to improve it’s headquarters in downtown Columbus, Lienhoop says that he thinks it is important that the county do what it can to show that it appreciates all that the diesel engine manufacturer contributes to the community.

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County officials have invited Mayor Jim Lienhoop to next week’s county council meeting to further discuss the finances of the project. That will be held Tuesday, Aug. 8th at the County Government Office Building on Third Street. There’s been no word on if the mayor will be attending.