The city of Columbus continues work on preparing for an increase in train traffic coming through the city.

Along with the project to construct an overpass to take vehicle traffic over the tracks at State Road 11 and Jonathan Moore Pike, Mayor Jim Lienhoop explains that steps are being taken to reduce noise from the trains.

Lienhoop says that there are four crossings in Columbus, and trains are required to blow their whistles three times for each crossing. Or 12 times for each train running through the city.

Mayor Lienhoop says that the city is applying for a so-called “quiet zone” from the federal government that would allow trains to roll through the city without sounding those whistles.

Along with the overpass project, Jim Lienhoop explains that the city has approached Bartholomew County officials about making improvements to Lowell Road.

Staff and students at Purdue Polytechnic Columbus have offered to develop an app to help drivers know how train traffic is moving through the city.

The Columbus City Council is scheduled to consider final approval of a new city fund that will allow the city to accept money toward the overpass project. Council meets at 6 p.m. Tuesday at City Hall.