The city of Columbus has lifted the boil water advisory for Columbus City Utilities customers.

The announcement from the city:

After consulting with the Indiana Department of Environmental Management on 06‐17‐17, the Boil Water Advisory is lifted and customers in Columbus City Utilities service area can resume using tap
water for all purposes. Columbus City Utilities water quality is proven safe.

On 06/15/2017, the staff at the Columbus City Utilities learned that a routine sample collected within the water distribution system on 06/14/2017 was total coliform positive. Indiana Department was
immediately contacted and we have followed their protocols since that time. As required by the Ground Water Rule, one of the follow‐up steps was to collect samples from the department’s 15 production
wells. The sample from the Well# 3‐II collected on 06/15/2017 tested positive for a fecal indicator (E. coli). Repeat sampling in the water distribution system was also performed as required.

The repeat water distribution samples all passed all required water quality tests, however IDEM’s public notice requirements contained a boil water advisory because of the well test result.

As soon as the test results were known (which was at 3PM on 06‐16‐17), Columbus City Utilities removed Well No. 3‐II from service and collected additional bacteriological samples. Additional testing has now confirmed contamination within Well 3‐II and it will remain out‐of‐service until all corrective actions are taken to protect public health and after meeting all Indiana Department of Environmental Health (IDEM) compliance requirements. All finished water tests at the plant and in the water distribution system remain in compliance with water quality tests and standards.

On 06‐16‐17, Columbus City Utilities issued a Public Notice with a Boil Water Advisory to customers in its service area because sampling detected fecal indicators (e‐coli) in Well No. 3‐II and to protect public
health. This Public Notice now lifts the Boil Advisory of the initial public notice. Columbus City Utilities understands how concerning and disruptive this type of notice is and appreciates its customers’
patience and understanding. Columbus City Utilities will work with customers to answer questions. As we go forward, we will have
further public meetings and notices about corrective actions taken. Customers with questions may call 812‐372‐8861 on Monday for further information.

Additional information is also available from:

 Columbus City Utilities – or
 Indiana Department of Environmental Management (Total Coliform Rule) (Groundwater Rule)