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Columbus IN Rocks!

While out at the Donner Park 100th birthday a couple of weeks ago, I started finding a bunch of rocks with fun pictures and messages on them. Maybe you’ve seen them around town, too! So far, I’ve spotted them downtown, at county stadium, and Mill Race. Oh, and some even made their way to the Jackson County fair! Big thanks to Julia and Susan for stopping by the studio and telling us what these fun, inspirational rocks are all about! Want to know know more? Want to show off your creative skills? Check out the ColumbusIN Rocks page on Facebook HERE!


49 Weird Things We All Do

I was checking out Buzzfeed the other day, and came across a post that spoke to me. Do you hear it? “Braaaaddddd, these are all you!”


Save The Date!

Join Win 104.9 and Columbus Parks & Rec for a party… As we celebrate 100 years of Donner Park, and 70 years of Columbus Parks and Recreation! We’ll see you and the family on Saturday, July 22nd for free face painting, bounce houses, swimming, and more! Check HERE for details and more information

Photo: Youtube Video

Joey “Jaws” Chestnut Finishes 72 Hot Dogs?!?

Joey Chestnut defended his hot dog title at the annual 4th of July contest at Nathan’s Famous in New York on Tuesday. Chestnut won his record 10th men’s title in the Hot Dog Eating Contest by consuming an event-record and personal-best 72 dogs and buns in 10 minutes. Hold on… 72 in 10 minutes?!? I think I’m gonna get sick lol Check out the video, then scroll for pics from when Brad tried to compete in an eating contest! My excuse… I didn’t want to get sticky!:

Photo: Wiki Commons/Evan-Amos

Heartburn? Try These Natural Remedies!

If you’re like me and have heartburn quite often, then the recent study linking some medicines to an early death is no fun at all! So, how about some healthy, natural remedies? Experts say these can help: Oatmeal Probiotics Ginger Apple cider vinegar Saltine crackers I’m going to try some of these. If they help you, let me know, too! More on the list can be found HERE

Photo: Wiki Commons/Stephen Witherden

New Fair Food to Try!

There are certain State Fairs around the country that are considered to be testing grounds of fair frankenfoods. One of those is the Texas State Fair. The other? Minnesota, you betcha don’t ya know! Organizers have announced some of the new foods this year. How many of these would you try? Bacon Fluffernutter Bowl O’Dough Brown Ale and onion gouda tipsy pie Maple cream nitro cold press coffee Check out the complete list HERE, and let me know if you see any of these at the Indiana State Fair (Or nearby!!!)


Total Package Tour Tix Still Available – NKOTB And More!

Allow me to show my age for just a moment…

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